Annual Child Count of Children and Youth with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

This page contains instructions for updating the records of students who are already registered with GSAP.

This expanded December 1 count is federally required by OSEP and is used to identify national and state technical assistance needs for children and youth who are deaf-blind, their families, services providers, and the systems which serve them.  The Office of Special Education Programs encourages state and local districts to support the collection of this Child Count data.  Please read the Dear Colleague Letter from OSEP.

Educators are required to update students’ records every year on December 1; however, you are encouraged to update records any time there is a change for the student.

For information about logging in and updating student records, please watch this short PRESENTATION

Link to the secure website:  GSAP Registry


If you have questions about how to complete sections, read these DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS

If you have questions about GSAP and FERPA read this document.

If you experience any difficulty or receive any system error messages, please send us the details at gsap@uga.edu.

We appreciate your time and attention to our Annual Child Count!  THANK YOU!!!

Visit the Referrals page of our website for information about adding NEW children / students to the GSAP Registry.