School Age

Who Should Be Registered?

Students do NOT need to be totally blind and/or totally deaf to be registered. Most students on the registry have some vision and hearing.  Nationally: 31% have vision better than legal blindness, 6% are totally blind; 15% have a mild hearing loss, 19% have a profound loss.

Students do NOT have to have deaf-blindness listed as an eligibility category on their IEP. Nationally:  only 17% have deaf-blindness as their primary eligibility; 35% have multiple disabilities eligibility.

Most Students on the registry are NOT blind OR deaf but have some combination of vision loss AND hearing loss, which impacts their access to information and severely limits their ability to develop communication, concepts, and social/emotional well-being.

Most students on the registry have additional disabilities:  76% have intellectual disabilities; 68% have orthopedic/physical disability; 84% have speech/language disabilities.

Students may be added as “Needs Further Testing” under the vision and/or hearing categories if there is a strong suspicion of sensory impairment without documentation, but this documentation must be provided within a year or the student is removed.

Download the GSAP-student-identification-letter-2017 to share with Educators and Families.

School districts do not need to obtain parental permission to register students with GSAP.  Read FERPA for an explanation.

Information needed to complete the referral:  GSAP referral information 3-21

To discuss a possible referral contact Carol Darrah or (706) 542-2433

To add a new student: