Resources on Transition and Deaf-Blindness

Deaf-Blindness and Transition from High School  – A document created by GSAP to explain unique needs of students who are deaf-blind and provide resources-both on-line and in Georgia

PepNet2’s iTransition -iTransition is a free, online transition curriculum to help students who are deaf or hard of hearing prepare for life after high school. There are three separate trainings with activities to help students learn about themselves, their career goals, and the skills they need to be successful in the future.

Person Centered Planning – Person Centered Planning is an important assessment tool for developing transition plans for students who cannot easily articulate their dreams for the future. This link to the Pacer Center’s page on Person Centered Planning gives a simple description of the process and on-line resources to learn more.

Transition Planning for Students Who are Deafblind – A comprehensive manual produced by PepNet. Includes chapters on Aids and Device, Independent Living, Transition Success, and has profiles of students and their transition experiences

Transition Rubric – A tool to provide a simple avenue for measuring the current status of transition-age students thereby identifying areas of need. Developed by a consortium of professionals and parents

Transition Timelines for Students who are Deaf-Blind – This graphic timeline was created in Utah and has Utah contacts, but suggests in a simple format things to do at certain ages to be prepared for transition.

Transition Toolkit from NCDB – This website describes events held by State Deaf-Blind Projects in the Southeast to promote self-determination in young adults with deaf-blindness. Included in the toolkit are video clips, forms, and resources.