Resources for School

Determining Support Needs for Students with Both Vision and Hearing Loss in an Educational Setting   Developed by a group of State Deaf-Blind Projects and the National Center on Deaf-Blindness, this IEP discussion guide helps teams think through how vision and hearing loss is impacting a student’s access to information and socialization.

Classroom Observation Instrument Developed by the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness, this tool assesses classrooms progress toward implementing best practices for educating students with deaf-blindness.

10 Issues to Always Consider when Intervening for Students with Deafblindness This article by David Wiley of the Texas Deafblind Outreach Project helps teams look at issues they must consider to support deaf-blind students in the classroom.

IEP Quality Indicators for Students with Deafblindness This instrument from Texas Deafblind Outreach helps teams develop appropriate IEPs for students who are deaf-blind and explains the need for accommodations and supports.

Documenting Instructional Considerations for the Student with Deaf-Blindness  A wonderful article by Robbie Blaha and Kate Moss describing accommodations for students who are deaf-blind.